The Euroguidance Network is a co-operation of 65 Centres throughout 33 European countries which link together the Careers Guidance systems in Europe. Euroguidance Ireland helps guidance professionals and individuals to better understand the opportunities available throughout Europe.

  • Euroguidance Ireland collects, processes and disseminates information on studying and training opportunities across participating countries.
  • We host the Euroguidance Ireland Centre, a Centre with detailed information on studying in all European countries. This is hosted within NCGE.
  • We liaise with guidance professionals through career fairs, publications, national and international presentations, email/Skype, phone contact, our Facebook page, the Euroguidance Network Newsletter and NCGE News.
  • Euroguidance Ireland meets with the students of guidance counselling nationally and presents to them on the Network and the resources available to inform students about studying in Europe.
  • We provide resources for students seeking to study in Europe and disseminate these to guidance professionals and students at career fairs, through the Euroguidance newsletter and our Facebook page.
  • We manage information relating to Ireland on the PLOTEUS database, a portal which searches for courses throughout Europe.

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  • We design and host study visits from international experts who wish to experience the guidance system in Ireland at first hand.
  • Euroguidance Ireland co-ordinates the provision of guidance to European Schools throughout the EU.
  • We represent Ireland at meetings of the DG Education and Culture, as part of the Erasmus + Programme, 2014-2020.

The Euroguidance Ireland Centre hosted by NCGE, forms part of the Erasmus + Programme, 2014-2020.